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So, this time of year seems to be a bit quieter with shops – but I’ve been lucky enough to have been kept busy with some interesting custom orders 🙂

Here are some pics of some of them – a nice variety, I think!

PicMonkey Collage

Have a great day 🙂 xxx


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Hi again – and welcome to the new week – hope it’s going to be a great one! ;)Today I thought I’d write a little bit about custom orders..

I really enjoy doing custom orders for people – even though they stress me out, to be honest! Trying to match up with a vision in someone’s head is not always easy! But, I like to tackle them.. Plus, I have one fallback – I NEVER start making things up until people are 100% sure about the design!

I’m pretty lucky in that I do all my designs on the computer (vector files) – so I’m able to create a jpeg, and email to customers to check.. This is also useful when I have to make sure of, for example, a ring size – when the customer is on the other side of the world! I send a 100% scaled image, they can print it out, cut it out, and wrap it around their finger to check! I did this recently for a ring headed to Germany – and thankfully, it apparently fits perfectly! (Plus, I love the fact that most Germans I have met are really accurate – and these customers were great and gave me perfect diameters!) 😉
Here’s a pic of the design, and the finished ring 🙂

Cthulhu RingIt’s also really helpful for designing – I get some interesting requests, where a customer will ask, for example, if I can combine a variety of images to form 1 design – see the example below:

BuffyAngelPendantIt was highly useful to be able to send a rough design first, to make sure I was on the right track, before spending ages fine-tuning it all!

So basically – I really do love doing custom work, and I’m always happy to be able to work with people all over the world, to create something they’re going to love! 😉 I’ll leave you with a few more examples of work I’ve done this year.. Have a great week!! 🙂 Megan xx

Comp Design Collage

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First of all – Happy New Year! 🙂 Hope you all had a fantastic festive season – and for those in snowy climates – I am soooo jealous right now!! 😉

It’s been far too long since I last blogged, something I want to sort out this year (I’m not saying I’m going to aim for every week, but once a month would be good!) For this first blog post, I want to talk about charms…

Just before Christmas last year, my mom phoned me, and asked if I’d be able to make some little charms to go in the Christmas pudding – she said when she was young, they’d had silver charms in theirs, as opposed to money.. I said yes (even though I was hectically busy!), then suggested each charm be customised for each person.. This led to the following set of charms:


The star charm was for me (I’ve always loved stars, hence my business name), the bow & arrow for my husband – who loves archery, the airplane was for my uncle – who used to be an airplane engineer, the puppy was for my aunt – who has 2 golden retrievers, and the kitty for my mom’s best friend – who loves cats!

Even though these were just tiny, fun charms – it led me to think about charms – as well as traditional totems and amulets.. For thousands of years, different cultures have carried tokens as symbols of their tribe or family (totems), or as good luck charms (amulets), or simply to portray a piece of their history (where they’ve been or what they’ve done) or show off something they liked (like with charm bracelets)

I don’t know if I’m really a believer in something protecting you, but I love the idea of showing off your love of a particular thing – be it an animal or TV show.. I’ve done this for ages with my starbrightsilver geek range of jewellery on etsy – the designs are based on oblique references from geek culture, which allows only other geeks to recognise them, and thereby instantly form a subtle allegience with the wearer.. Some examples below:


I think this has had an effect on my design choices for the rest of my work.. I started doing Africa heart charms ages ago, and they’re probably my most popular item – I guess people love to show off where they’re from, especially when traveling. From this I progressed to making other “items” as opposed to just designs.. I have a range of little animals & birds with hearts (like a squirrel – which is probably my favourite animal) – and I love to hear people at the market exclaim how much they love a particular animal when they see the pendant on display! I also have some other objects – like the bicycle, and a classic camera – which fans of cycling and photography seem to love..

ImageSo essentially, for me a charm (whether to be worn as a pendant or on a bracelet), is about showing off the things in life you love..

Towards the end of last year, I also had a request to make a wild dog pendant – as the customer could not find one anywhere.. It was a challenge,but so wonderful to see her so happy with it when it was done!


So, I’m going to keep on doing what I do – creating items for people to show off a side of themselves that the world might not know about – whether it’s a geeky side, or just loving the cuteness of hedgehogs! Whether it’s a charm, amulet or totem to the wearer is irrelevant – as long as it’s something they love, I’m happy 🙂

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So – it’s been, well, ages since I last wrote up a post.. The good thing is that this is testament to how busy I’ve been, but it is slack on my part… Sorry!

Just a short & sweet post today, with some pics of some recent custom orders I have made up for people..

ImageEngraved double layered pendant

ImageCustom sterling & resin ring adapted from a sketch

ImageDouble layered tree & gemstone pendant


No face (Spirited Away) custom pendant

ImageA set of custom silver wedding bands


In other news, I have sent stock to a few new shops – Motherland Coffee at the Zone in Rosebank & The Underberg Studio in Underberg, KZN.. If you’re nearby, please check them out 🙂

I also am taking part in an exhibition happening at The Fringe Arts in Cape Town, which opens next Friday night – and I’m excited to say I’ll be there for the opening! It’s a collaborative exhibition, teaming up jewellers with fine artists – and I’ve been working with an awesome local ceramic artist (and friend from the I heart Market!) Carla da Cruz. You can find out more about the exhibition here: https://www.facebook.com/events/202030449914249/

And that’s all my news for now – hope everyone in SA has a fantastic long weekend!!! Megs xx


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So. It’s Wednesday. Hmmmm… Feeling a little “Bleh” today, as you can probably tell.. Mind you, I really shouldn’t complain.. Working for myself, I don’t have to sit in rush hour traffic, didn’t HAVE to be at the studio at 8.. Instead, here I am – 8.45am, and writing up a new blog post, while I wait for the kettle to boil! 🙂

Woke up this morning to monsoon-sounding rain – gotta say, I love this time of year in Durbs.. There’s a sweet smell in the air with all the rain – plus, it reminds me that Christmas is coming! I know I know –  you’re probably all groaning at the thought – but I’m a Christmas-aholic, and will soon be re-watching my collection of Christmassy dvds! (First up – Elf!)

Anyhow – enough rambling!

Yesterday, I updated my website – re-worked it slightly, and added new pics.. I also created a “custom orders” page – showing some of the cool custom work I’ve completed. Check it out here: http://www.starbrightgirl.com/custom%20orders.htm

I really want to focus on marketing my business as a custom manufacturing one.. This is the work I enjoy doing the most – I love the collaboration with the customer, and imagining cool ways to interpret what they want – and I think I have a pretty sweet portfolio so far! I also love that, because of the internet & email – I can work with customers all over the world – come on – you gotta admit, it’s pretty cool! 😉

Anyhow – had better run now.. Need to do some resin on heart pendant for my lovely cousin, then head to the studio to put in a hard days manual labour!! (My fingers might complain, but my heart just loves it!) Ooh – and that reminds me – must take my camera today to take some pics of the new studio..

Have a lovely Hmmmday all (I really don’t like the sound of “Humpday”! – so am going with this!) Love Megs xx


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Ahem – if you look at the header, that pretty much sums me up at the moment.. I’ve been working like crazy – but hey, when there’s work coming in, and ideas flowing, you gotta go with it, right? Come the end of this year, I may be just about ready to crash, but – no chance of that happening, have to find a super-second wind, cos I’m going to be visiting my brother in Germany! Somehow the thought of travelling gives me extra energy (as well as the thought of having decent spending money to shop while there – worth putting in some early morning hours for!!)

Anyhow – thought I’d share a couple of my new concepts and designs with you..

First up – I’ve done a range of Men’s Perspex pendants, on rubber thong necklaces, incorporating classic movie & TV quotes.. Although I can NOT do impressions, I love to be able to recognise where quotes come from, so I thought this would be a fun & wearable series to do:

Then a quick little look into a new range, still in the concept stages, but I’m looking at doing a series of brooches, incorporating silver, Perspex & Resin – but really beautiful once off pieces – I’m calling the range “Lifestyles of the Cute & Furry” – here’s a sneak peek:

Then, before I leave, I have a little piece to say on Geek Pride.. I still don’t understand the prejudice, or perceived prejudice against people who are geeky types.. Sometimes I feel sorry that people are scared to express themselves, because of what other people “might” think.. But think of all the people out there who dress up, paint their faces, and wave their flags at sporting events.. You might not live in a country where you can visit Comic-Con dressed as a Klingon, but I think you can show your geek allegiance in other ways – which is what a lot of my jewellery is for! So be proud – if you like tattoos – get one showing your passion for something, if you’re into wearing T-shirts, emblazon your chest with awesome slogans, if you want to be more subtle, wear some geek-themed jewellery, or pin some badges on your bag.. I try and include at least one reference to a movie, TV show or book when I dress each day 🙂 If you’re a geek, like me, own it, and have fun with it – and enjoy revelling in the confused expressions of people trying to figure out what the Rebel Alliance symbol stands for!!

Have an amazing week everyone – hope it’s a happy one..

Megan xxx

PS – have just dropped off cool new stock at both Artisan Gallery, and Fat Tuesday in Kloof 🙂

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So, I’ve been a very busy girl of late, with some very cool custom orders on the go, and all the while working on new designs for my Etsy shop too! 🙂

With regards to the custom orders – have made up 2 awesome rings (actually for the same guy!), as requested by his girlfriend and friend.. The first is a Cthulhu ring – Cthulhu being an H.P. Lovecraft character.. I found a great representation online, and then re-worked and simplified it to transform it to ring form.. Then my hubby pointed out that he was supposed to have wings, so I thought it would be cool to integrate the wings into the ring shank and, well, I think it turned out pretty awesomely! Was a lot of work, but so worth it!

Then there’s the Watchmen ring – incorporating the Comedian’s badge (with bloodstain) – It’s rather chunky, but pretty effective, I think 🙂

Then, I’ve been working the odd morning and night on some new designs for my etsy shop, and I wanted to incorporate movie & TV quotes.. I have a whole range of mens pendants that just need to be polished up (will post pics soon!), but here are some of the lasercut pendants, for women or men, with a few quotes that I’ve finished:

And then, just quickly – my star trek stuff has been so popular on Etsy, I decided to do a beautiful pendant for my Starbright Silver shop:

And that’s all from me for now, you can see I’ve been a busy girl, and I have another busy week ahead! Hope you all have a great one! Megs xx

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