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So – I’ve been on Etsy for more than a year, and I have to say, one of the things I love the most, is the personal interaction you are able to have with the sellers & buyers.. I’ve had some lovely conversations with customers, and have organised some awesome custom items with sellers – as Etsy people, having small businesses, are most often the most accommodation folk out 🙂 Gotta say – you’ll never find this level of interaction with big online shops!

Another lovely thing that happens occasionally – is Etsy trading.. Another seller will see something they like, and will ask if you’d be keen to swap it for something in their store.. Now, I’m not saying this will always work – but I happen to have been lucky 😉

For example – a while back Karen from Captured Starlight (http://www.etsy.com/shop/CapturedStarlight) emailed me about doing a swap for a pair of earrings she loved – and offered to make me a custom pendant in exchange.. Well, for years I have been wanting some sort of jewellery featuring artwork from my favourite childhood book trilogy – the Borribles.. So, I found a pic of the cover of the second book – and, voila – the most awesome pendant ever!!

It’s pretty cool – although I make jewellery myself – there are so many different styles and techniques out there – that I wouldn’t know how to start to make something like this! So – it’s awesome that Karen was able to make this for me! Her work is really awesome, please check out her shop! (link above) She lives in Ecuador now, pretty awesome 😉

I’m also now in the middle of another swap process – for a panda hat! (Which I have always wanted!) Again, the shop owner is more than accommodating – as with my pale skin, I asked if I could get a black brim – so she’s custom making one for me 🙂

It’s gonna be AWESOME!

So – if you haven’t already – please check etsy.com out! You can search for pretty much anything – I know you’ll be amazed by all you can find! And, take it from me – most of the sellers, are just awesome 😀

Have a wonderful weekend – I’m off to a little town in the mountains called Clarens, with my hubby & mom – so am looking forward to a weekend of tea, cake, galleries & gorgeous views.. Hope your weekend will be just as lovely as I’m hoping mine to be! Megan xx


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To celebrate the launch of my jewellery business full time (as of today!!) – I will be giving this gorgeous silver pendant away, to 1 lucky winner, anywhere worldwide!

This stunning “scribble heart” pendant is completely handmade – domed and filled with a dark gray resin, measures 25mm across, and comes on a 45cm sterling silver chain. It is one in a series of new heart pendants I have been working on..

All you have to do to enter – is take a look at my STARBRIGHT GIRL website, and tell me which your items you think I should make more of! 🙂 Please post your comment below, and don’t forget to include your email address! This giveaway closes on 16 June, 2011 – and is open worldwide! Please tell your friends & family, so they can enter too! (Prize value is $50)

Otherwise – I will also be taking part in a new exhibition, opening at Artisan Gallery in Durban next week – take a look at the flyer below, for a sneak peek at some of my pieces 🙂

Thanks for reading – and good luck to all those entering my giveaway! Please also remember, I love to do custom work, so keep me in mind! 😉 Megs xx

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Nestled up above Vanille Restaurant in Bellevue Road, Kloof, is Fat Tuesday Gallery. The English translation of Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday is like going to a crazy party – there’s just awesome stuff happening everywhere!

I’ve had jewellery there since last year, but this Saturday, after dropping off new stock, I really spent time looking at all the goodies on sale, and have decided I will be doing all my Christmas stocking shopping there next week!

Whilst Shannon, the owner, has a love of art and photography (which you will always find covering the walls), she also loves to fill Fat Tuesday with a varied mix of treasures – from jewellery and ceramics from local crafters, to wind up tin toys and robots!  I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area, or even if you’re not! Breakfast at Vanille (definitely worth it too!), and shopping at Fat Tuesday – makes an awesome Saturday, for sure! 🙂

If you need directions – check out their website at http://www.fattuesday.co.za, and don’t forget to check out the downstairs room, too – everything from Mu&Me goodies, to awesome retro fridge magnets and more!

Have a great rest of your week, all – hope to see some of you shopping at Fat Tuesday this Saturday!! 😉

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The I Heart Market in Durban has been running since December last year (although it was only officially named in January!) Run by Anna & Saki, it’s a funky little market of hand-crafted goods (from jewellery to jams, fresh veg, cakes & clothing), where they approve each and every table (which means no dodgy imported goods like you often find at markets!) So it’s a lovely spot, in the church hall next to Beanbag Bohemia (on Windermere Rd), and has really picked up a wonderful buzz..

Nicky Savage & our shared table

I’ve shared a stall with Nicky Savage, another local Durban jeweller I’ve worked with for years, since the start of the market, and it really has been going nicely.. I think it also helps that it’s only the 1st Saturday of every month – makes it more of an event – plus Anna & Saki make a big effort to create monthly themes or events, which make it even more fun! (We’ve had cupcake competitions to lucky draws, and a picnic in the park!)

Here’s a close-up of my stock for last Saturday (we don’t normally have a blue table-cloth, but I forgot the normal white one!!) – I worked rather hard all last week to get stock ready, and am glad to say I had a good day! 🙂 (Still need to work some more on my displays – when I get some time!)

Starbright Girl stock at I Heart Market

Wishing you all a good week – and if you’re in Durban start of next month, please do stop by this awesome market and say hi! 😉 Megan xx

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So, have been busy working on making up silver jewellery for orders and shops, but still doing a few Perspex & Resin brooch designs in the interim (designing during my lunch breaks!)

Had an email from someone who bought a Little Twin Star necklace, and she got me all excited about Sanrio again – so – herewith designs for new Hello Kitty and My Melody Perspex Brooches.. They’ll be around R100 each, so let me know if you want one 🙂

Hello Kitty & My Melody brooch designs(I’ll put pics up of the finished products next week – still have to pick up the Perspex and manufacture!)

I am a huge Sanrio fan – with pieces I’ve collected from my childhood – and for my 30th Birthday, my husband even ordered me a surprise My Melody cake! (Pic of the cake below – it was awesome!!) I’ll try and take some photos of the rest of my collection too – ah, the nostalgia… I honestly don’t think there are any other things for little girls (or big ones) nowadays that have the same appeal…

My Melody Cake

In other news, I was checking out Lynne from Hello Again’s blog, and found a nice little write up about my jewellery there:


Thanks Lynne – I’m really hoping my stuff sells great there, and can keep sending you loads of pretty things!

Also – the grand opening of Silver Spoon Clothing happened in PE this weekend, so I’m hoping it went great 🙂

So, that’s all from me for now.. Have a wonderful week 🙂

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So, why is it that within a week, a bench can turn from a neat and ordered work area, into a crazy mess??

Point in case:

Messy Jewellery Bench

I’d love to say it’s a sign I’m working hard – but truthfully, it becomes a dumping ground during the week! Luckily I have quite a few orders this week, so will have to clear off so I can actually do some work! In the meantime though – anyone got tips on how to keep it clean??!

Onto happier news though, I’m going to be trying out the Port Elizabeth market – will be sending stock to a brand new shop called Silver Spoon Boutique, opening next weekend (see flier for opening below) – so I’m going to send a nice variety of stock down there, and fingers crossed, PE people will like my work! And good luck to Stephanie – hope the opening goes great! (One of these days I’d actually like to visit PE – gotta say, I’ve only ever driven through.. Once… 😦  )


In other news – my experiments in Precious Metal Clay should be starting in a few weeks – have some awesome ideas on how to merge PMC work, with traditional jewellery work (and excellent finishes) – so will keep you informed of my progress 🙂

Have a wonderful week all! (On a side note, I am making it my mission to blog at least once a week, and it will usually be on a weekend – so keep checking to see my news! 😀 )

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Heya all…

So, worked so hard for the market, but it was a bit quiet (darn air show took the crowds, methinks!) – so am putting all that lovely new stock online – now!

starbright girl webpage!

Look at my pretty page! (Would it impress all non-programmers and designers that I do it all myself, with occasional help from hubby?!)

Anyhow – have added a new specifically silver section – all Sterling Silver, all fully hand-created (I have the blisters to prove it!)

Check it out at http://www.starbrightgirl.com

And again – please do send some comments my way 🙂 Thanks!

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