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Ahem – if you look at the header, that pretty much sums me up at the moment.. I’ve been working like crazy – but hey, when there’s work coming in, and ideas flowing, you gotta go with it, right? Come the end of this year, I may be just about ready to crash, but – no chance of that happening, have to find a super-second wind, cos I’m going to be visiting my brother in Germany! Somehow the thought of travelling gives me extra energy (as well as the thought of having decent spending money to shop while there – worth putting in some early morning hours for!!)

Anyhow – thought I’d share a couple of my new concepts and designs with you..

First up – I’ve done a range of Men’s Perspex pendants, on rubber thong necklaces, incorporating classic movie & TV quotes.. Although I can NOT do impressions, I love to be able to recognise where quotes come from, so I thought this would be a fun & wearable series to do:

Then a quick little look into a new range, still in the concept stages, but I’m looking at doing a series of brooches, incorporating silver, Perspex & Resin – but really beautiful once off pieces – I’m calling the range “Lifestyles of the Cute & Furry” – here’s a sneak peek:

Then, before I leave, I have a little piece to say on Geek Pride.. I still don’t understand the prejudice, or perceived prejudice against people who are geeky types.. Sometimes I feel sorry that people are scared to express themselves, because of what other people “might” think.. But think of all the people out there who dress up, paint their faces, and wave their flags at sporting events.. You might not live in a country where you can visit Comic-Con dressed as a Klingon, but I think you can show your geek allegiance in other ways – which is what a lot of my jewellery is for! So be proud – if you like tattoos – get one showing your passion for something, if you’re into wearing T-shirts, emblazon your chest with awesome slogans, if you want to be more subtle, wear some geek-themed jewellery, or pin some badges on your bag.. I try and include at least one reference to a movie, TV show or book when I dress each day 🙂 If you’re a geek, like me, own it, and have fun with it – and enjoy revelling in the confused expressions of people trying to figure out what the Rebel Alliance symbol stands for!!

Have an amazing week everyone – hope it’s a happy one..

Megan xxx

PS – have just dropped off cool new stock at both Artisan Gallery, and Fat Tuesday in Kloof 🙂


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