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Phew, I have to say, I’m glad it’s Friday – even though I’ll be doing some work this weekend.. It’s been a super busy week – with stock finished off & sent off to both Fringe Arts Cape Town shops, as well as the new Lonehill shop (JHB), as well as stock being dropped off at the KZNSA gallery, and a number of smaller orders!

(Update: I’m publishing this on Saturday – have to wait until some of the gifts at the bottom have been given! 😉 )

But, the week has ended on a really good note – as I received some jewellery production tools, which I ordered from overseas, this morning..

New Jewellery Tools

My awesome new jewellery tools

On top, in the picture, you’ll see a brand new, aluminium saw-frame. This is absolutely wonderful, as it’s really light-weight & nicely balanced, which I think will definitely help reduce the strain my arms and wrists have been taking! I know some jeweller’s who use these, and only have good things to say about them – and, so far – so awesome! The other nice thing (a technical detail), is that you can set your tension for your saw-blades – which means my chest/shoulder can rest easy – as I used to have to push my old frame against myself to tension it!!

In the box, is another totally awesome tool – a mini belt-sander for the bench.. I’ve been trying it out today, and it really is great.. Basically, it clamps to the bench, and then you connect your pendant motor to it. As I have a Foredom, variable-speed, motor, I can control the speed it runs with my foot pedal, which means no hot/burnt or sanded-off-skin-fingers! I ordered a variety of sandpaper belts to use – but must say, I’m taking a while to get used to the different grits – here it’s all 400, 600, 800 etc, but these are American, and so are 320, 500, 1200.. Sigh, why can’t the world be more standardised! 😉

Anyhow – here’s a pic of me using the set-up sander (yes, I’m normally right-handed, but that would have been an awful picture!)

Using the Wolf Belt Sander

Trying out my new Wolf Belt Sander

I was honestly surprised by how beautiful and flat the pieces are sanded – which is just perfect for my style & designs! To be honest, it is a bit of a mission to change the sandpaper belts, but for assembly production sanding – I can tell this is my new best friend!! 😀

To end off, here are just a couple of pics of things I have been busy with this week.. The Converse pendant isn’t quite finished – but I’m just so stoked with how it’s looking – must make more! The others are mostly gift items, so I’m just hoping they have all been given to their recipients by now! 😉

Orders August 2013

August 2013 – some custom orders

And that’s all from me – hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend 🙂 Megs xx


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So, I’ve had a couple of shops going on Etsy for a few years now. It took me a long time to figure it out, but as soon as FNB announced they would be working with Paypal, I jumped into action, and haven’t looked back since!

SBG Etsy Page 2013

Etsy is a wonderful platform for getting your items to an international market. You set up your shop, add photos, and the rest of the admin is done for you.. No having to set up websites with shopping carts etc! Obviously they charge you a small percentage of your sales for doing all this, but if you, like me, supply any shops wholesale, you’ll find that all the bank charges etc still work out with you earning more than your wholesale price 😉

As I said, I’ve been running my Etsy shops for a few years now, and one thing I really enjoy, is the customer interaction.. People can email you via Etsy with questions or comments, or even set up custom orders – I’ve actually done quite a lot of these, which has been really fun 🙂

Recent Etsy Custom Orders

Anyhow – because of the fact that I’ve been up and running for a while, I get a lot of people asking me questions about how to set up their shops, how to set up Paypal accounts etc.. So, I thought the easiest thing would be to share my knowledge via my blog.. I’m going to set up a series of posts explaining exactly how to do all of this, over the next few weeks. I will cover setting up your Etsy shop, some photography tips, how to work out shipping charges, and setting up Paypal (if you’re in South Africa, a FNB bank account is a pre-requisite, so I suggest you start there!) Also, you will need a credit card for both your Etsy shop & Paypal set up – just a heads up!

So, I hope I can share some wisdom, and get lots more South Africans up and running with their Etsy shops.. I’ll be honest, I don’t make enough to support myself full time just from Etsy, but it’s a definite bonus when I can withdraw some extra cash from Paypal every month! (Just remember to keep records for tax, or SARS will be upset with you!!) 😉 But Etsy is generally a lovely community, and I honestly love getting to send my jewellery all over the world!

Keep checking in, and expect the first post this week 🙂

Megs xx

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So – been a while since I last blogged – haven’t been feeling too great of late, but am getting myself sorted out (need to take more care with what I eat, & take my multi-vitamins etc!) Anyhow – just a little update on what I’ve been up to recently.. 🙂

I’ve been working on some new designs – I like to keep my work as fresh as possible, and will never stop working on new ideas! Here are a couple I’m quite happy with 😉


I’ve also been working on a “Miniatures” range – of tiny sterling pendants – all hand-cut of course!


They come on 45cm sterling silver chains (as seen in the pics above) – and are just so dainty & sweet on!

Apart from that, I have been doing a few orders – here are a couple of pics:


I really do get a variety of requests, but just always try my best to make awesome silver jewellery 🙂

And that’s my small dose of news for now – will be back with more soon.. Have a great rest of your week! Megs xx

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So, as most Durbanites should have heard by now – the I Heart Market is moving to our new home tomorrow – outside the Moses Mabhida Stadium!

This is pretty exciting news – for one, it means the market just keeps growing & growing, and 2 – hopefully we’ll get new customers through, which is always wonderful!

The great thing about the stadium (built for last year’s soccer world cup) would have to be its proximity.. It’s close to the beachfront – so folks enjoying their morning wander along the promenade can just wander a few feet further, and do some awesome shopping! It’s also close to the 2 Virgin active gyms, and a bunch of restaurants – and is very easily accessible for those in the North of Durban! 🙂

I’ve been busy making up a span of new items, which I’m super happy with – check out some pics below:

These pendants are sterling silver, blackened & polished, with a tiny half jump ring to the back that the chain runs through.. I have a little squirrel one I made for myself and – seriously – I haven’t taken it off since I made it! (about a month ago) Not even to bath!! 😉

Here are some earrings I made up last week..

These are based on the design of Perspex ones I previously made up – and I wanted to challenge myself and see if they could be made in silver.. Turns out, with lots of hard work, they can! 🙂
I love the fact that these look delicate (and they are lightweight) but as the metal is fairly thick, and very strong, they are about 5 times sturdier than the Perspex versions! And so pretty and shiny!! 😉

So – I hope to see lots of Durban people at the market tomorrow.. The tent will be up as usual (in case of rain, which is highly normal at this time of year!) – and don’t forget all the yummy goodies there are too – brekkie rolls, fabulous coffee, my favourite cupcakes (just ask Melanie – I am the most ardent customer!), and hopefully macaroons too!
Plus – sigh – I saw the first Christmas goodies in Woolies yesterday, which means it’s just round the corner – so it’s a good idea to start doing a little Christmas shopping now, so you won’t hurt your wallet so much in December!! 😉

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’m off to Joburg next week for a course, and to visit my mom – very excited! Lots of Love, Megs xx

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So – I’ve been on Etsy for more than a year, and I have to say, one of the things I love the most, is the personal interaction you are able to have with the sellers & buyers.. I’ve had some lovely conversations with customers, and have organised some awesome custom items with sellers – as Etsy people, having small businesses, are most often the most accommodation folk out 🙂 Gotta say – you’ll never find this level of interaction with big online shops!

Another lovely thing that happens occasionally – is Etsy trading.. Another seller will see something they like, and will ask if you’d be keen to swap it for something in their store.. Now, I’m not saying this will always work – but I happen to have been lucky 😉

For example – a while back Karen from Captured Starlight (http://www.etsy.com/shop/CapturedStarlight) emailed me about doing a swap for a pair of earrings she loved – and offered to make me a custom pendant in exchange.. Well, for years I have been wanting some sort of jewellery featuring artwork from my favourite childhood book trilogy – the Borribles.. So, I found a pic of the cover of the second book – and, voila – the most awesome pendant ever!!

It’s pretty cool – although I make jewellery myself – there are so many different styles and techniques out there – that I wouldn’t know how to start to make something like this! So – it’s awesome that Karen was able to make this for me! Her work is really awesome, please check out her shop! (link above) She lives in Ecuador now, pretty awesome 😉

I’m also now in the middle of another swap process – for a panda hat! (Which I have always wanted!) Again, the shop owner is more than accommodating – as with my pale skin, I asked if I could get a black brim – so she’s custom making one for me 🙂

It’s gonna be AWESOME!

So – if you haven’t already – please check etsy.com out! You can search for pretty much anything – I know you’ll be amazed by all you can find! And, take it from me – most of the sellers, are just awesome 😀

Have a wonderful weekend – I’m off to a little town in the mountains called Clarens, with my hubby & mom – so am looking forward to a weekend of tea, cake, galleries & gorgeous views.. Hope your weekend will be just as lovely as I’m hoping mine to be! Megan xx

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So – just wanted to blog a little about exciting news – as of next month, I will be working on my jewellery fulltime – sharing a studio with Nicky Savage – and working like a mad thing on new designs, and on getting stock into more shops! I’ll also be able to do more custom orders – hurray!

So – to celebrate, I have decided to run a little special – on a sterling silver hand cut initial pendant (your choice of letter & gemstone – garnet, blue topaz, aquamarine or rose quartz star) – for R220! 🙂 (and with silver on the rise, this is a good deal!)

Email me at megan@starbrightgirl.com to order 🙂

If you’re not based in South Africa, you can order one via Etsy – here’s the link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/74463052/sterling-silver-custom-initial-pendant

In other news – the next I Heart Market is almost here – here’s a look at the amazing new poster (aren’t they always wonderful!) – hope to see lots of Durban folks there! 😉

So – that’s all my news – will write next about the upcoming exhibition at Artisan Gallery (and will hopefully have pics to show off!), as well as possibly having an open day at my new studio premises!

Have a wonderfully nice weekend all! Megs xx

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Hey all! 🙂

Have been a terrible blogger of late, been a busy girl, but that’s no real excuse.. March has been a busy month, but in a nice way – had a whirlwind trip to Cape Town for my hubby’s granny’s 80th birthday, and went to the Midlands for a good friend’s wedding – which was awesome! (Also enjoyed staying at a place with DSTV, which we choose not to have at home, or else I would watch the decorating shows all night long – I looooove Extreme Makeover Home Edition!!!!) 😉

Anyhow – on to the giveaway. I had a very successful giveaway last year, where you could choose your favourite item to win from my etsy shop – http://starbrightgirl.etsy.com. For this giveaway, however – the entry criteria is a little different.. As mentioned in my last blog post, I’m moving away from Perspex, to mainly silver, and silver & resin jewellery. So – to enter this giveaway, please take a look through my designs, and let me know which you would want to see in silver! The winner will receive their favourite piece of jewellery from my online shop 🙂

You can email me to enter, or post below – please just remember to include your email address, so I can contact you if you win! Then list: 1. What item would be great in silver, and 2. What your favourite piece (that you’d like to win!) is.. The giveaway is open worldwide, so tell your friends! Winner will be drawn at random..

A little taste, before I leave, of some of my beautiful new designs:

Have a fantastic week all! xxx Megan

PS – Forgot to add – giveaway ends on the 22nd April! 🙂 Good luck!

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