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So – just had a manic trip to Cape Town this last weekend (went down for my hubby’s gran’s 80th birthday!) It was pretty epic – caught up with old friends, met a whole lot of his extended family, got to go to a wine farm (for the first time ever! – the cellar was cool!) – and played an legendary game of Balderdash!

I’m still busy with a span of orders (Manic March!!) – here’s a pic of a ring I finished up last week.. Metalocalypse? (Still need to watch it and see what it’s all about!)

In other news, I am still busy making up samples of my new range, which I think is looking awesome! Already have 1 order from this weekend, and the possibility of stocking a new shop – but will let you know if & when confirmed!

Tying in to the new silver range, I have decided to move away from Perspex for a while. There are so many people out there mass manufacturing, and on a small scale, I really can’t compete. Plus, there is still a prejudice towards non-precious metal jewellery (sad but true), so I feel that commercially, I need to go a little higher end – wish me luck!

And on that note, whilst my husband does not believe in sales, I feel that with this change in direction, I need to move my old stock – and so will be having a sale on both my etsy shops..



To qualify for 20% off anything in my shops (excl. shipping!), all you have to do is continue with the sale, then just copy & paste the following coupon code when asked for it:


(Valid until 31 March 2011)

Happy shopping everyone – and thanks for your support 🙂 Megan xx


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Good morning to you all.. 🙂 I have been a bad blogger of late, and have not been updating.. I think it’s getting to that time of year – the silly season, where there are just so many birthdays and events that life becomes crazy! (This lasts into the New Year as you all know!) But, I have been squeezing in work time – have a couple of big orders to get out, then it’s work, work, work to stock up shops before Christmas, then make sure I have enough stock for my etsy shops and for the I heart Markets!!

I’ve also been doing lots of research on backgrounds for my etsy shops – the thing is, you have to make sure your thumbnail pic really is eye-catching so, after browsing through about 50 of the top etsy jewellery shops (http://www.etsywiki.com/index.php?title=Top_Sellers_-_Jewelry), I decided to try out a two-tone background, incorporating my logo colours (so, pink and white!) I personally think it makes the products eye-catching, without detracting too much (as a patterned background would) – but please let me know what you think?

I’ve only loaded a few pictures so far, so would be easy to change back – would appreciate any advice.. 🙂

Otherwise – I’m feeling quite 80’s inspired again – so expect to see some Delorean brooches and walkman earrings soon! On the silver front, I really do love working with resin, so I’m thinking of doing some graphic pendants and brooches – we’ll see how it goes..

Have a fantastic rest of your week everyone – enjoy and relax – cos the crazy season is almost upon us, and there’ll be no stopping the fun! 🙂 Megs xx

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So, it’s weekend time, but that doesn’t mean any rest for me! Nope, I have too many things on the go, and have to keep going regardless.. I was slowed down a little by some flu last week, and my mom visiting last weekend – but for the latter I didn’t mind taking a break – I only see my mom 3 or 4 times a year, so love it when I do! 🙂

But – as I mentioned – I have lots of work that needs finishing! First up – Artisan Gallery in Florida Road, Durban, is opening a new exhibition just in time for the soccer world cup – called “Local is Lekker”.. So – I scratched my brains to think of all the things I love about SA, and since making jewellery showing the entire Drakensberg range could be tricky, I decided instead to go for 2 themes: Awesome Indigenous Pretty things, and, well, yummy stuff! Here are some pics of my work in progress, far from finished, but I have a few evenings! (And people wonder why my work isn’t too complex – there’s no time for it to be! 😉 )

So – on top of piercing like a maniac to finish for the exhibition, it also looks like I might be stocking an awesome concept shop in Cape Town – a pop-up shop called The Fringe Arts – which moves locations.. Fingers crossed – they’re announcing the new location this week, and I’m working hard just in case I need to send stock in a hurry! 🙂 Check them out at: http://www.facebook.com/thefringearts

So, on top of that, I still have to make up new stock for shops, the next I heart Market (5 June!), and of course new stock for my Etsy shop – although I’m thinking of re-naming it my Treksy shop – as all I seem to keep selling is Star Trek Earrings! 😉

So, anyhow, that’s my news for now – will keep you all updated on exhibition details etc – and please don’t forget to check out my Etsy shop in the meantime – http://www.etsy.com/shop/starbrightgirl – I really would appreciate the support! Have a great week everyone – for the Northern Hemispherians, I hope summer feels like it’s on it’s way – I am in full anticipation of winter down here, and can’t wait to start layering up properly! Cheers! 🙂

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So, have been up since 06:30, working on updating my website, and I’m pleased to say, it is now up and running! 😀

I have changed my logo, as well as simplified a lot of the site.. After doing a lot of internet browsing, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really hate crowded sites, so I made a real effort to create the opposite!

I also tend to find that most people who contact me via my website, seem to want to custom-order items of jewellery, and as I can’t maintain a shopping cart at the moment, I thought I’d continue along this vein.. So, if you see something you like, simply contact me for pricing and details, and you can choose colours, size etc 🙂

You can take a look at my site here: http://www.starbrightgirl.com

Have a fantastic weekend – I’m off to do some baking now – mmmm 😉

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Sooo.. the Soccer World cup is coming up soon, everyone’s talking about it, expecting miraculous sales and huge tourist volumes.. Me, however, I’m not so sure it’s gonna be the cash cow everyone thinks.

So, I have done one little design – some soccer-y earrings, but I honestly don’t know if it’s worth making them up, or if I’m going to be wasting my time, cos the market will be flooded with cheap Chinese goods (ah, the story of all silver jewellers lives!)

And so, I ask – would you, as a big, ahem, soccer fan, be keen on the following (and I hereby copyright these by showing them here – if anyone copies these I’ll hunt them down!! 😉 ) as earrings or a fun brooch? (Might add a “2010” somewhere, as well)

I don’t know – I’m all about  the pop culture, so kinda feel like I might be selling 0ut with these.. Thoughts? Comments? Aaargh!

Otherwise, been too hot and tired to do much website work, but it is looking pretty, and I do plan to have an updated version up soooon!

Making lots more pretty silver things, and have a million and 5 ideas, just a matter of making them up.. Stay tuned 🙂

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So – the next I heart Market is this Saturday at the usual spot (church hall next to Beanbag, Windermere Road..) I’ll be sharing my usual table with Nicky Savage, so stop by for some awesome pressies and stocking fillers! (and oh-so-yummy treats!)

So, I thought I’d give you a little preview of some of the new pieces I’ll have to show… First up is the first of my classic “arts & crafts” designs – I felt like going a bit folksy, and am making up some big & beautiful earrings:

Next, this is a pretty heart pendant made out of Perspex, hung on a silver chain (I have one each in maroon and white as well) – oh so pretty and delicate 🙂

And then lastly – just a pic of some brooches you may or may not have seen before (but the panda is new 🙂 )

I will also have some new silver pretties (still in progress, I’m afraid) – so I guess you’ll have to visit to see what’s new there!

So – look forward to seeing you this Saturday, or the next, or the next!! Have a wonderful rest of your week, and don’t forget to start decorating (my tree went up last night!) 😉

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So – I have a few minutes to spare (major deadline for tomorrow, so 6:45am – the only time I have free today!) – and I thought I’d put up a variety of pics…

silver metal clay studsFirst up – the studs I made from Precious Metal Clay (Silver). Now – I must say, this medium would probably take a while to perfect, but I’m not sure I’ll work in it again.. Whilst I do like the high shine of the .999 silver fronts (molded, torch-fired, sanded & polished), I found the clay too messy to work with. Stuck to my fingers, then dried fast, and I had a hard time trying to add patterning (the other hearts I did were a complete fail, and will be heading off for refining!) I think I’m going to stick to working with wax, and traditional casting in the future, but it was a fun – although expensive! – experience..

sterling silver heart ringNext is a little sterling silver heart ring I made up. I’ve been wanting to do some extremely simple, but fun pieces, and this came out nicely, and really seemed to catch people’s attention at the market last week.. It’s a simple sand-blasted shank, with a flat heart on the top, polished to a mirror finish.. The contrast makes the simplicity work, I think – and I’ll be doing more with stars soon, I think.

black flowerhk broochlts earringsOk – so here we have a few new(ish) Perspex pieces.. The black flower is an order I made up for someone (the flowers I use for earrings, normally), but it looks awesome on the black rubber neckpiece.. The Hello Kitty brooch – well, everytime I’ve made them up, they sell out, so must do some more!!! Then the little twin star earrings, they’re just super-cute (as much as I love HK, I think I loved Little Twin Stars and My Melody more, as a kid..) I love the fact that they’re non-matching, but still make up a set! 🙂

our studioAnd then finally – this is me and my hubby in our studio (spare room!) last night at 8pm.. Yup, Saturday night, and we were both at home working! He’s a freelance illustrator in his spare time, and is doing some pencil renditions of all the new stadiums in SA built for the Soccer World Cup next year.. It’s cool that we can work in close proximity (even if he’s anti-social with his headphones on! – mind you, I was sawing for hours, so don’t really blame him! 😉 ) And so I’ll leave you for the week – hope you have an awesome one 🙂 We’re off to the the Drakensberg with the in-laws next weekend, and I am really looking forward to some well-earned relaxation time for both of us! Megs xx

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