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Hey all! πŸ™‚

Have been a terrible blogger of late, been a busy girl, but that’s no real excuse.. March has been a busy month, but in a nice way – had a whirlwind trip to Cape Town for my hubby’s granny’s 80th birthday, and went to the Midlands for a good friend’s wedding – which was awesome! (Also enjoyed staying at a place with DSTV, which we choose not to have at home, or else I would watch the decorating shows all night long – I looooove Extreme Makeover Home Edition!!!!) πŸ˜‰

Anyhow – on to the giveaway. I had a very successful giveaway last year, where you could choose your favourite item to win from my etsy shop – http://starbrightgirl.etsy.com. For this giveaway, however – the entry criteria is a little different.. As mentioned in my last blog post, I’m moving away from Perspex, to mainly silver, and silver & resin jewellery. So – to enter this giveaway, please take a look through my designs, and let me know which you would want to see in silver! The winner will receive their favourite piece of jewellery from my online shop πŸ™‚

You can email me to enter, or post below – please just remember to include your email address, so I can contact you if you win! Then list: 1. What item would be great in silver, and 2. What your favourite piece (that you’d like to win!) is.. The giveaway is open worldwide, so tell your friends! Winner will be drawn at random..

A little taste, before I leave, of some of my beautiful new designs:

Have a fantastic week all! xxx Megan

PS – Forgot to add – giveaway ends on the 22nd April! πŸ™‚ Good luck!


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So – just had a manic trip to Cape Town this last weekend (went down for my hubby’s gran’s 80th birthday!) It was pretty epic – caught up with old friends, met a whole lot of his extended family, got to go to a wine farm (for the first time ever! – the cellar was cool!) – and played an legendary game of Balderdash!

I’m still busy with a span of orders (Manic March!!) – here’s a pic of a ring I finished up last week.. Metalocalypse? (Still need to watch it and see what it’s all about!)

In other news, I am still busy making up samples of my new range, which I think is looking awesome! Already have 1 order from this weekend, and the possibility of stocking a new shop – but will let you know if & when confirmed!

Tying in to the new silver range, I have decided to move away from Perspex for a while. There are so many people out there mass manufacturing, and on a small scale, I really can’t compete. Plus, there is still a prejudice towards non-precious metal jewellery (sad but true), so I feel that commercially, I need to go a little higher end – wish me luck!

And on that note, whilst my husband does not believe in sales, I feel that with this change in direction, I need to move my old stock – and so will be having a sale on both my etsy shops..



To qualify for 20% off anything in my shops (excl. shipping!), all you have to do is continue with the sale, then just copy & paste the following coupon code when asked for it:


(Valid until 31 March 2011)

Happy shopping everyone – and thanks for your support πŸ™‚ Megan xx

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So, the giveaway closed yesterday evening, and in an oh-so hi-tech way, we drew the 2 winners.. Here is my post-nap husband, who I suckered into doing the random drawing πŸ™‚

Aaaaaand – the 2 completely random winners are….

Sarah Tennyson and Nicole Hoskins!!

Sarah’s favourite item from my etsy shop is the Dark Rose Pendant – so that’s what she’s won πŸ™‚

Nicole (who seems to be a huge fan on facebook – thanks for all the likes, Nicole!) – chose the black butterfly and aqua necklace – so that’s what she’s getting – congrats, Nicole! πŸ˜€

Thanks to everyone who entered – I had about 70 entries, from all over the world (From Wales to Mexico!) – and it was great finding out what all of you like the most, and getting such lovely, positive feedback πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful week, all – and hope to see lots of you Durban folk at the I heart Market on Saturday – I’ll have some aaaaawwwesome new stock to show off, including some beautiful new bangles I’ve designed πŸ™‚ All the best! Megan xx

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Just thought I’d give an update on my shop giveaway – have had lots of lovely entries and feedback so far πŸ™‚

Since lots of people are leaving comments, instead of emailing me, I’ve taken a cue from my friend Genevieve, and I’m going to have to do an old school drawing.. That’s right, everyone’s name on a piece of paper in a bowl – and I’ll get my husband to close his eyes and pick! Wow, my hand is already feeling sore at the thought of writing all your names out! πŸ˜‰

Just a reminder re. how it works, the rules, yadda yadda…

Simply visit my etsy shop – it’s: http://www.etsy.com/shop/starbrightgirl – take a look around, then email me at starbrightgirl (@) gmail.com (or you can leave a comment, I suppose.. πŸ˜‰ ), telling me what your favourite item is.. If your name is drawn, that item is yours! πŸ˜€

1 entry per person, please, and giveaway ends this Sunday, 26th October. Will do the draw on Monday.. πŸ™‚ Um, I think that’s all? Oh yes, also, please tell your friends!

Lotsa love, Megan (Starbright Girl, indie kid (at 31!), and tv and movie geek..)

SUNDAY – 6pm SA Time – Update: Giveaway is now closed – I now have to cut up and fold all the name tags for the draw, and will announce the winners in the morning! πŸ™‚ GOOD LUCKΒ  TO ALL WHO ENTERED!!

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So, I wanted to do a giveaway on my starbrightgirl Etsy shop, and think I’ve come up with the awesomest idea! Ok, here goes – all you have to do to enter, is take a look at my Etsy shop, and tell me what your favourite piece of jewellery isΒ  – and you can win it!! πŸ˜€ Yup – whichever piece in the whole shop you like best!

So – take a peek at my shop – it’s http://www.etsy.com/shop/starbrightgirl

Have a look through my awesome (well, I think so!) Perspex and resin jewellery range in this shop (all with sterling silver findings, don’t forget),

then email me at: starbrightgirl(@) gmail.com with the link to your favourite!

The competition is open worldwide, and I’ll ship the winner’s prize to them by registered mail (hey, this helps me too – it’s valuable information to know which stuff is liked best!!)

Competition closes next Sunday – 26 September.

I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner – oh, make that winnerS – cos I’ll be giving away something to 2 different people – so you have twice the chance to win πŸ™‚

Please note – only 1 email entry per person – but, please tell your friends and family!

Thanks so much – and good luck!!

Megan xxx

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Ahem – if you look at the header, that pretty much sums me up at the moment.. I’ve been working like crazy – but hey, when there’s work coming in, and ideas flowing, you gotta go with it, right? Come the end of this year, I may be just about ready to crash, but – no chance of that happening, have to find a super-second wind, cos I’m going to be visiting my brother in Germany! Somehow the thought of travelling gives me extra energy (as well as the thought of having decent spending money to shop while there – worth putting in some early morning hours for!!)

Anyhow – thought I’d share a couple of my new concepts and designs with you..

First up – I’ve done a range of Men’s Perspex pendants, on rubber thong necklaces, incorporating classic movie & TV quotes.. Although I can NOT do impressions, I love to be able to recognise where quotes come from, so I thought this would be a fun & wearable series to do:

Then a quick little look into a new range, still in the concept stages, but I’m looking at doing a series of brooches, incorporating silver, Perspex & Resin – but really beautiful once off pieces – I’m calling the range “Lifestyles of the Cute & Furry” – here’s a sneak peek:

Then, before I leave, I have a little piece to say on Geek Pride.. I still don’t understand the prejudice, or perceived prejudice against people who are geeky types.. Sometimes I feel sorry that people are scared to express themselves, because of what other people “might” think.. But think of all the people out there who dress up, paint their faces, and wave their flags at sporting events.. You might not live in a country where you can visit Comic-Con dressed as a Klingon, but I think you can show your geek allegiance in other ways – which is what a lot of my jewellery is for! So be proud – if you like tattoos – get one showing your passion for something, if you’re into wearing T-shirts, emblazon your chest with awesome slogans, if you want to be more subtle, wear some geek-themed jewellery, or pin some badges on your bag.. I try and include at least one reference to a movie, TV show or book when I dress each day πŸ™‚ If you’re a geek, like me, own it, and have fun with it – and enjoy revelling in the confused expressions of people trying to figure out what the Rebel Alliance symbol stands for!!

Have an amazing week everyone – hope it’s a happy one..

Megan xxx

PS – have just dropped off cool new stock at both Artisan Gallery, and Fat Tuesday in Kloof πŸ™‚

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So, I’ve been a very busy girl of late, with some very cool custom orders on the go, and all the while working on new designs for my Etsy shop too! πŸ™‚

With regards to the custom orders – have made up 2 awesome rings (actually for the same guy!), as requested by his girlfriend and friend.. The first is a Cthulhu ring – Cthulhu being an H.P. Lovecraft character.. I found a great representation online, and then re-worked and simplified it to transform it to ring form.. Then my hubby pointed out that he was supposed to have wings, so I thought it would be cool to integrate the wings into the ring shank and, well, I think it turned out pretty awesomely! Was a lot of work, but so worth it!

Then there’s the Watchmen ring – incorporating the Comedian’s badge (with bloodstain) – It’s rather chunky, but pretty effective, I think πŸ™‚

Then, I’ve been working the odd morning and night on some new designs for my etsy shop, and I wanted to incorporate movie & TV quotes.. I have a whole range of mens pendants that just need to be polished up (will post pics soon!), but here are some of the lasercut pendants, for women or men, with a few quotes that I’ve finished:

And then, just quickly – my star trek stuff has been so popular on Etsy, I decided to do a beautiful pendant for my Starbright Silver shop:

And that’s all from me for now, you can see I’ve been a busy girl, and I have another busy week ahead! Hope you all have a great one! Megs xx

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