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So, the giveaway closed yesterday evening, and in an oh-so hi-tech way, we drew the 2 winners.. Here is my post-nap husband, who I suckered into doing the random drawing 🙂

Aaaaaand – the 2 completely random winners are….

Sarah Tennyson and Nicole Hoskins!!

Sarah’s favourite item from my etsy shop is the Dark Rose Pendant – so that’s what she’s won 🙂

Nicole (who seems to be a huge fan on facebook – thanks for all the likes, Nicole!) – chose the black butterfly and aqua necklace – so that’s what she’s getting – congrats, Nicole! 😀

Thanks to everyone who entered – I had about 70 entries, from all over the world (From Wales to Mexico!) – and it was great finding out what all of you like the most, and getting such lovely, positive feedback 🙂

Have a wonderful week, all – and hope to see lots of you Durban folk at the I heart Market on Saturday – I’ll have some aaaaawwwesome new stock to show off, including some beautiful new bangles I’ve designed 🙂 All the best! Megan xx


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Hello all – hope you’ve been having a great weekend 🙂 So, football fever is in full force here (excuse the alliteration!) – it’s vuvuzela’s everywhere, and it’s hard not to get caught up! I did, in fact, watch the whole SA vs Mexico game the other night, and was suitably impressed and excited (but really do pity the players – what pressure!!)

This morning we and some friends went for a wander along the Durban beachfront, and I must tell you – it’s looking great!  It’s clean, and paved all the way along (I think we missed the memo about how it’s now the perfect place to ride your bikes, so we may have to look into renting or perhaps purchasing some – I want a bmx, myself, like I had when I was young!) – plus it’s the most beautiful day, so all the tourists I saw just had to be impressed! Ah, Durban in winter, with your 28 degree temperatures! 😉

Anyhow – onto some jewellery… I worked on some new designs a while back, and have finally finished some off..  Whilst perusing Etsy, I have definitely noticed a trend in soft, subtle patterns and colours (something I’m not always fond of!), but decided to experiment with some designs – what do you think?

I also decided to do some personalised Perspex letters, for pendants, which I think turned out quite fun.. The problem with the full name, which I have done before, is that Perspex can be quite brittle, and can snap easily, but I think the single letters should be more than safe 🙂

I can also do these in silver, naturally – like below 🙂 (This one’s mine, btw!)

But, of course, the Perspex will be much cheaper! 😉

I have also added a little non-jewellery item to my Etsy page – you can order your own custom cake topper from me! Lovely for weddings/anniversaries or birthdays, I can either do initials (like the pic below) or a whole name.. As mentioned, these are quite fragile, but would look gorgeous on a tiered cake! I’ve done some for weddings before, and they look kinda awesome – see the pics of new style, and the one for Paul & Nadja’s wedding 🙂

And this is now a very long post, so I’ll say cheerio – but please do check out my etsy shop at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/starbrightgirl

Hope you all have a great week! Megan xx 🙂

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