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Hi again – and welcome to the new week – hope it’s going to be a great one! ;)Today I thought I’d write a little bit about custom orders..

I really enjoy doing custom orders for people – even though they stress me out, to be honest! Trying to match up with a vision in someone’s head is not always easy! But, I like to tackle them.. Plus, I have one fallback – I NEVER start making things up until people are 100% sure about the design!

I’m pretty lucky in that I do all my designs on the computer (vector files) – so I’m able to create a jpeg, and email to customers to check.. This is also useful when I have to make sure of, for example, a ring size – when the customer is on the other side of the world! I send a 100% scaled image, they can print it out, cut it out, and wrap it around their finger to check! I did this recently for a ring headed to Germany – and thankfully, it apparently fits perfectly! (Plus, I love the fact that most Germans I have met are really accurate – and these customers were great and gave me perfect diameters!) 😉
Here’s a pic of the design, and the finished ring 🙂

Cthulhu RingIt’s also really helpful for designing – I get some interesting requests, where a customer will ask, for example, if I can combine a variety of images to form 1 design – see the example below:

BuffyAngelPendantIt was highly useful to be able to send a rough design first, to make sure I was on the right track, before spending ages fine-tuning it all!

So basically – I really do love doing custom work, and I’m always happy to be able to work with people all over the world, to create something they’re going to love! 😉 I’ll leave you with a few more examples of work I’ve done this year.. Have a great week!! 🙂 Megan xx

Comp Design Collage


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Hi all! Hope everyone’s having a good week 🙂 I’m pretty busy with orders and, alas, paperwork – ack!

Just wanted to give a heads up to folks in Cape Town – I’m sending off new stock for the new Fringe Arts shop in Kloof Street (99B) – so it should hopefully be in store by the weekend.. Please tell your friends, or go check it out – Prices are good, and some of my new stuff is really cool, if I may say so myself! Here’s a peek at some of the jewellery:

And don’t my new tags just look lovely?!! 😉

In other news – I’ve been busy doing some private orders, and thought I’d share a few pics.. This first one is a custom ear cuff I did for Ilana via twitter (@MymindisAlice) – I think it turned out very prettily 🙂

Then I did some items for extended family (sister in law’s sister in law, if you must know!!) 😉 2 pendants for guys – 1 featuring a kung fu broadsword, and the other a cutout speargun.. Pretty cool for guys, I think!

I’ve also been doing some custom work via etsy – take a look at these cute airplane themed items I made up:

So, I’ve been pretty busy – now need to replenish stock on my starbright silver store, with all my geeky items – my hubby says sales are good because comic-con is coming up soon! 🙂 Maybe next year we’ll get to join you folks in San Diego – the saving starts now!!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week.. Love Megs xx

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Hello all! Hope everyone’s had a wonderful Easter weekend, whether you celebrated it, or just ate a lot of chocolate! 🙂

So – here’s how I chose a winner for the giveaway this time.. I created an excel sheet, and copied the names of everyone who entered into it (53 in total!) in order of when you entered.

I then used a random number generator (random.org) – entered 1 to 53, and it gave me… No. 26!

So… drumroll… the winner is: Kathy Dettweiler!! Congrats 😀 I’ll drop you an email later, so you can send me address details 🙂

Thanks so much to all who entered, and for the awesome feedback – which I have already put to good use! A very popular silver item choice was the flaming heart – so…

What does everyone think?! 😉

I have also been busy adding lots of new stock to both my etsy shops – please check them out..

And finally – don’t you like what I made for myself?

It’s a kodoma, or tree spirit, from the Miyazake anime film “Princess Mononoke”.. They are the cutest creatures, who click their heads, and are tied to the trees they live in.. I do have a thing for cute!

Anyhow – that’s all from me – congrats again to the winner, Kathy, and thanks to all entrants! Hope you all have a wonderful week 🙂 Megs xx

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Hmm.. So I know some South Africans are wary of buying goods online, but me, I LOVE it! I’m ecstatic about the way that the internet has opened up our shopping options – especially for a pop-culture starved Durbanite like myself!

I think my eyes were first opened to the phenomenon when living in the UK in 2000/2001 – I especially loved the Royal Mail, and how when I ordered something one day, the next day I would arrive home to a package outside my door!

Unfortunately, being back in RSA means that it takes 2 weeks or more on average to receive parcels – but is there anything better than receiving a slip to pick up a parcel at the post office? – so exciting! In addition, there’s the added cost of customs duty for many parcels – so I suggest ordering minimum numbers (like 1 t-shirt at a time) in order to avoid this – shhh!

Anyhow – thought I’d add a short list of where I like to order from:

www.kalahari.net – great for South Africans wanting to buy cds, books or dvds.. (Since we S. African’s aren’t allowed to order from Amazon.com anymore – sniff!)

www.hottopic.com – a mecca for pop culture lovers, this US shop has the coolest movie & music themed merchandise – have bought my hubby a few great t-shirts from here.. (How cool is this Muggle T, by the way!!)

rainbowswirlz.etsy.com – I’ve ordered a few gorgeous screen-printed items from this shop – the designs are super-cute, and the quality is great! Am loving this top below – and still adore my awesome RAR monster bag! 😉

I could go on for ages – but simply, all I want to say is that with the internet, we can find pretty much anything we want! So, don’t be scared, sign up for Paypal, and work out your index finger with some cool internet shopping this long weekend – it’s so much fun! Love Megs xx

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Hi all.. 🙂 Had such a nice start to my Sunday, drinking coffee & reading my Runaways comic collection – bliss 🙂 Anyhow – onto proper blogging!

First off, just a reminder that my starbrightgirl etsy shop giveaway ends at the end of the week (Fri 22nd) – check out the blog post to enter: https://starbrightgirl.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/starbright-girl-april-giveaway/ 🙂

In other news – it’s been a busy weekend so far, went ice-skating on Friday night, which I haven’t done since I was a young teenager! But this being Durban, although it was an indoor rink, people were skating in t-shirts & shorts, and the ice was melting rapidly, which meant it was like skating in a pond! But I’m happy to say I did ok – better than my hubby (was his first time ever) – he did look like a super-cute Bambi-on-ice, but managed not to fall, so I’m very proud 😉

Then, last night we headed to a mystery masked party for a friend’s 30th, at Unit 11 in Durban. Was a great evening with friends, got to dance some, and watch my hubby take part in illustrating a skateboard deck as part of the entertainment – how awesome is his illustration?!

You can check out more of his amazing illustrations on his website – www.jumpsuitart.com 🙂

Onto some jewellery – here are some pics of recent work I’ve been doing.. First up is my new series of domed heart silver & resin pendants.. These look awesome for real, but I am having some trouble photographing them, as they reflect everything!! With time, hopefully I’ll sort it out!

Then the following are some uber-cool scifi reference sterling silver pendants (handmade!).. Hope I’m not stepping on any licensing toes with these, they really are for fans only, and I only make one at a time.. Ah, one day maybe I’ll get to meet Joss Whedon and work out a marketing deal – how cool would that be?!! 😉

Anyhow – that’s all from me for now, folks.. I’ve gotta get into the kitchen and bake cookies before heading to an indoor picnic (it’s rainy-like outside) – a woman’s work is never done! Have a wonderful week everyone 🙂 Megs xx

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Hey all! 🙂

Have been a terrible blogger of late, been a busy girl, but that’s no real excuse.. March has been a busy month, but in a nice way – had a whirlwind trip to Cape Town for my hubby’s granny’s 80th birthday, and went to the Midlands for a good friend’s wedding – which was awesome! (Also enjoyed staying at a place with DSTV, which we choose not to have at home, or else I would watch the decorating shows all night long – I looooove Extreme Makeover Home Edition!!!!) 😉

Anyhow – on to the giveaway. I had a very successful giveaway last year, where you could choose your favourite item to win from my etsy shop – http://starbrightgirl.etsy.com. For this giveaway, however – the entry criteria is a little different.. As mentioned in my last blog post, I’m moving away from Perspex, to mainly silver, and silver & resin jewellery. So – to enter this giveaway, please take a look through my designs, and let me know which you would want to see in silver! The winner will receive their favourite piece of jewellery from my online shop 🙂

You can email me to enter, or post below – please just remember to include your email address, so I can contact you if you win! Then list: 1. What item would be great in silver, and 2. What your favourite piece (that you’d like to win!) is.. The giveaway is open worldwide, so tell your friends! Winner will be drawn at random..

A little taste, before I leave, of some of my beautiful new designs:

Have a fantastic week all! xxx Megan

PS – Forgot to add – giveaway ends on the 22nd April! 🙂 Good luck!

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So – just had a manic trip to Cape Town this last weekend (went down for my hubby’s gran’s 80th birthday!) It was pretty epic – caught up with old friends, met a whole lot of his extended family, got to go to a wine farm (for the first time ever! – the cellar was cool!) – and played an legendary game of Balderdash!

I’m still busy with a span of orders (Manic March!!) – here’s a pic of a ring I finished up last week.. Metalocalypse? (Still need to watch it and see what it’s all about!)

In other news, I am still busy making up samples of my new range, which I think is looking awesome! Already have 1 order from this weekend, and the possibility of stocking a new shop – but will let you know if & when confirmed!

Tying in to the new silver range, I have decided to move away from Perspex for a while. There are so many people out there mass manufacturing, and on a small scale, I really can’t compete. Plus, there is still a prejudice towards non-precious metal jewellery (sad but true), so I feel that commercially, I need to go a little higher end – wish me luck!

And on that note, whilst my husband does not believe in sales, I feel that with this change in direction, I need to move my old stock – and so will be having a sale on both my etsy shops..



To qualify for 20% off anything in my shops (excl. shipping!), all you have to do is continue with the sale, then just copy & paste the following coupon code when asked for it:


(Valid until 31 March 2011)

Happy shopping everyone – and thanks for your support 🙂 Megan xx

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