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So, it’s no secret that I’m a fairly proud geek – and not a majorly genre-specific geek, either – give me classic & new sci-fi, fantasy, 80’s nostalgia and obscure indie music, and I’m a happy girl! I do tend to avoid the cyber-geek world though (mainly ‘cos I’m clueless!), but I tend to find that most jewellery is aimed at the computer geek – case in point:

All very awesome items, but just not really my cup of tea! (I don’t play computer games, except maybe Tetris, and still have no idea what PWND means!!)

I’ve also come across a LOT of Lego jewellery, especially on Etsy.. Here’s one such piece, but lots are just lego heads etc..

Now I have a couple of issues with Lego jewellery.. I can appreciate the above piece, cos there’s a design elementΒ  involved, but most jewellery is literally just heads & pieces dangling from the ear – and they moan that laser-cutting isn’t hand-made! Anyhow, private beef! I also have issues with destroying Lego! I have a husband who collects and adores the stuff, and the thought of drilling holes in pieces is like the thought of drilling through my Care Bear! Just couldn’t do it!! πŸ˜‰

There’s also a lot of geek science jewellery – again, you have to go with what you know, and I know very little about science! (I sometimes struggle with Big Bang Theory references – doesn’t everyone?!)

BUT – Sci-fi and fantasy TV and movies, horror and comics, and 80’s animated shows and characters – now this I like to think I know a lot about, and base a lot of my jewellery thereon! πŸ™‚

Herewith a couple of my designs – yup, it’s using already designed logos etc, but, there’s a lot of thought involved when it comes to laser work – what stays, what goes, what thickness does it have to be to stay strong etc etc.. Maybe I’m just justifying myself, but I’m impressed with my line-work, at least! πŸ™‚

Ok, so this was really just an outlet post for me – love being a geek, I embrace it, wish lots of others would too.. (Don’t hide the fact that you’re a trekkie – be proud! But maybe don’t wear a Klingon costume everyday?)

It’s cool to know, that whatever you’re into – be it sports, books or geeky things, you can always find cool jewellery designed by people just like you πŸ™‚ Have a geek-tastic week all! Megan xx


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So – I have a few minutes to spare (major deadline for tomorrow, so 6:45am – the only time I have free today!) – and I thought I’d put up a variety of pics…

silver metal clay studsFirst up – the studs I made from Precious Metal Clay (Silver). Now – I must say, this medium would probably take a while to perfect, but I’m not sure I’ll work in it again.. Whilst I do like the high shine of the .999 silver fronts (molded, torch-fired, sanded & polished), I found the clay too messy to work with. Stuck to my fingers, then dried fast, and I had a hard time trying to add patterning (the other hearts I did were a complete fail, and will be heading off for refining!) I think I’m going to stick to working with wax, and traditional casting in the future, but it was a fun – although expensive! – experience..

sterling silver heart ringNext is a little sterling silver heart ring I made up. I’ve been wanting to do some extremely simple, but fun pieces, and this came out nicely, and really seemed to catch people’s attention at the market last week.. It’s a simple sand-blasted shank, with a flat heart on the top, polished to a mirror finish.. The contrast makes the simplicity work, I think – and I’ll be doing more with stars soon, I think.

black flowerhk broochlts earringsOk – so here we have a few new(ish) Perspex pieces.. The black flower is an order I made up for someone (the flowers I use for earrings, normally), but it looks awesome on the black rubber neckpiece.. The Hello Kitty brooch – well, everytime I’ve made them up, they sell out, so must do some more!!! Then the little twin star earrings, they’re just super-cute (as much as I love HK, I think I loved Little Twin Stars and My Melody more, as a kid..) I love the fact that they’re non-matching, but still make up a set! πŸ™‚

our studioAnd then finally – this is me and my hubby in our studio (spare room!) last night at 8pm.. Yup, Saturday night, and we were both at home working! He’s a freelance illustrator in his spare time, and is doing some pencil renditions of all the new stadiums in SA built for the Soccer World Cup next year.. It’s cool that we can work in close proximity (even if he’s anti-social with his headphones on! – mind you, I was sawing for hours, so don’t really blame him! πŸ˜‰ ) And so I’ll leave you for the week – hope you have an awesome one πŸ™‚ We’re off to the the Drakensberg with the in-laws next weekend, and I am really looking forward to some well-earned relaxation time for both of us! Megs xx

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So, have been busy working on making up silver jewellery for orders and shops, but still doing a few Perspex & Resin brooch designs in the interim (designing during my lunch breaks!)

Had an email from someone who bought a Little Twin Star necklace, and she got me all excited about Sanrio again – so – herewith designs for new Hello Kitty and My Melody Perspex Brooches.. They’ll be around R100 each, so let me know if you want one πŸ™‚

Hello Kitty & My Melody brooch designs(I’ll put pics up of the finished products next week – still have to pick up the Perspex and manufacture!)

I am a huge Sanrio fan – with pieces I’ve collected from my childhood – and for my 30th Birthday, my husband even ordered me a surprise My Melody cake! (Pic of the cake below – it was awesome!!) I’ll try and take some photos of the rest of my collection too – ah, the nostalgia… I honestly don’t think there are any other things for little girls (or big ones) nowadays that have the same appeal…

My Melody Cake

In other news, I was checking out Lynne from Hello Again’s blog, and found a nice little write up about my jewellery there:


Thanks Lynne – I’m really hoping my stuff sells great there, and can keep sending you loads of pretty things!

Also – the grand opening of Silver Spoon Clothing happened in PE this weekend, so I’m hoping it went great πŸ™‚

So, that’s all from me for now.. Have a wonderful week πŸ™‚

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