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OK, so this blog post is a little less about jewellery, a little more about my awesome province 🙂 No, I’m not a paid tourism writer, and no, I don’t have any friends or family in the tourism industry, but I honestly think this place is beautiful, and can’t help but wonder why tourists would want to stay elsewhere (especially in winter!!!)

First of all -we have the beach..

Now, I’m not the biggest fan – I can’t tan, and my swimming skills are, well, bad – but there’s something incredibly soothing about looking at, and hearing, the sea.. Plus – here it’s actually warm!! 😉 Also, the Durban beachfront, as mentioned before, is looking stunning, and the promenade is officially now the coolest place in town to walk or ride your bike along!

Next up – the berg..

The Drakensberg is my absolute favourite holiday place ever.. Rolling green hills, and beautiful mountains – it’s hot during the day, cool at night, and always just beautiful.. Btw – favourite sound in the world, waking up to doves cooing in the berg – bliss…

Then there’s inland – you have the stunning Natal Midlands – like the English countryside, but warmer – and places like the Oribi Gorge.. Now for the more adventurous, you can go abseiling and “swinging” across the gorge, but the below bridge crossing was plenty nerve-wracking for me – but I made it!! 😀

(Yes, I took my shoes off for better grip!)

Apart from these spots, there are so many other places in KZN that I love to visit – St Lucia for hippo and crocodile watching (not swimming, ahem),  Shelley Beach on the South Coast for lovely beaches (and a decent mall for when it rains!), Mtunzini for gorgeous dunes, and a fantastic lagoon river to cruise along..

Plus, and I’m going to add a highly important fact for visitors.. We’re not really used to tourists (except those from Gauteng!) we actually get excited to see them (so imagine what we’re like at the beachfront right before games) – My husband was all happy the other night, cos someone asked him for directions, and he says it was a first (ok, he’s from Cape Town, but still!).. So – basically – as a tourist you’ll be loved and appreciated – and will have all the better time for it 🙂

Welcome to the beauty of SA, folks – but don’t forget Durbs – we won’t forget you 🙂

Megan xxx

PS – Don’t forget the I heart Market next Saturday (3rd July) at the Greek Hall in Durban North – the best of what Durban arty-types have to offer – plus great coffee and snacks!!


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Hey all.. A little later than promised, but herewith some pics of the beautiful Artisan Gallery in Florida Road, Durban..

The stunning glass-fronted space is fantastic for showing off the multitude of South African artworks, including pottery, ceramics, paintings, textiles and of course, jewellery. Sue Greenberg, the owner, always makes sure everything is beautifully displayed, and it is always a pleasure to browse (and buy!) there..

Currently running is the Local is Lekker exhibition – see previous post: https://starbrightgirl.wordpress.com/2010/05/22/local-is-lekker-nice/

Herewith a little pic of my work on display – I personally love the silver & resin zoo biscuit brooches!!

So that’s all from me for now – but please do check out Artisan when you can – see their website for directions and more info! http://www.artisan.co.za

And of course – tell your visiting friends and relatives too – there are awesome and unique SA goodies – a great reminder of their (hopefully) incredible World Cup visit!

Have a fantastic Sunday – and hope the week ahead treats you all well 🙂 Megan xx

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Sooo.. the Soccer World cup is coming up soon, everyone’s talking about it, expecting miraculous sales and huge tourist volumes.. Me, however, I’m not so sure it’s gonna be the cash cow everyone thinks.

So, I have done one little design – some soccer-y earrings, but I honestly don’t know if it’s worth making them up, or if I’m going to be wasting my time, cos the market will be flooded with cheap Chinese goods (ah, the story of all silver jewellers lives!)

And so, I ask – would you, as a big, ahem, soccer fan, be keen on the following (and I hereby copyright these by showing them here – if anyone copies these I’ll hunt them down!! 😉 ) as earrings or a fun brooch? (Might add a “2010” somewhere, as well)

I don’t know – I’m all about  the pop culture, so kinda feel like I might be selling 0ut with these.. Thoughts? Comments? Aaargh!

Otherwise, been too hot and tired to do much website work, but it is looking pretty, and I do plan to have an updated version up soooon!

Making lots more pretty silver things, and have a million and 5 ideas, just a matter of making them up.. Stay tuned 🙂

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