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Good morning to you all.. 🙂 I have been a bad blogger of late, and have not been updating.. I think it’s getting to that time of year – the silly season, where there are just so many birthdays and events that life becomes crazy! (This lasts into the New Year as you all know!) But, I have been squeezing in work time – have a couple of big orders to get out, then it’s work, work, work to stock up shops before Christmas, then make sure I have enough stock for my etsy shops and for the I heart Markets!!

I’ve also been doing lots of research on backgrounds for my etsy shops – the thing is, you have to make sure your thumbnail pic really is eye-catching so, after browsing through about 50 of the top etsy jewellery shops (http://www.etsywiki.com/index.php?title=Top_Sellers_-_Jewelry), I decided to try out a two-tone background, incorporating my logo colours (so, pink and white!) I personally think it makes the products eye-catching, without detracting too much (as a patterned background would) – but please let me know what you think?

I’ve only loaded a few pictures so far, so would be easy to change back – would appreciate any advice.. 🙂

Otherwise – I’m feeling quite 80’s inspired again – so expect to see some Delorean brooches and walkman earrings soon! On the silver front, I really do love working with resin, so I’m thinking of doing some graphic pendants and brooches – we’ll see how it goes..

Have a fantastic rest of your week everyone – enjoy and relax – cos the crazy season is almost upon us, and there’ll be no stopping the fun! 🙂 Megs xx


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