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Phew, I have to say, I’m glad it’s Friday – even though I’ll be doing some work this weekend.. It’s been a super busy week – with stock finished off & sent off to both Fringe Arts Cape Town shops, as well as the new Lonehill shop (JHB), as well as stock being dropped off at the KZNSA gallery, and a number of smaller orders!

(Update: I’m publishing this on Saturday – have to wait until some of the gifts at the bottom have been given! 😉 )

But, the week has ended on a really good note – as I received some jewellery production tools, which I ordered from overseas, this morning..

New Jewellery Tools

My awesome new jewellery tools

On top, in the picture, you’ll see a brand new, aluminium saw-frame. This is absolutely wonderful, as it’s really light-weight & nicely balanced, which I think will definitely help reduce the strain my arms and wrists have been taking! I know some jeweller’s who use these, and only have good things to say about them – and, so far – so awesome! The other nice thing (a technical detail), is that you can set your tension for your saw-blades – which means my chest/shoulder can rest easy – as I used to have to push my old frame against myself to tension it!!

In the box, is another totally awesome tool – a mini belt-sander for the bench.. I’ve been trying it out today, and it really is great.. Basically, it clamps to the bench, and then you connect your pendant motor to it. As I have a Foredom, variable-speed, motor, I can control the speed it runs with my foot pedal, which means no hot/burnt or sanded-off-skin-fingers! I ordered a variety of sandpaper belts to use – but must say, I’m taking a while to get used to the different grits – here it’s all 400, 600, 800 etc, but these are American, and so are 320, 500, 1200.. Sigh, why can’t the world be more standardised! 😉

Anyhow – here’s a pic of me using the set-up sander (yes, I’m normally right-handed, but that would have been an awful picture!)

Using the Wolf Belt Sander

Trying out my new Wolf Belt Sander

I was honestly surprised by how beautiful and flat the pieces are sanded – which is just perfect for my style & designs! To be honest, it is a bit of a mission to change the sandpaper belts, but for assembly production sanding – I can tell this is my new best friend!! 😀

To end off, here are just a couple of pics of things I have been busy with this week.. The Converse pendant isn’t quite finished – but I’m just so stoked with how it’s looking – must make more! The others are mostly gift items, so I’m just hoping they have all been given to their recipients by now! 😉

Orders August 2013

August 2013 – some custom orders

And that’s all from me – hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend 🙂 Megs xx


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So, last Tuesday our “Scooby Gang” of friends embarked on a Cape trip.. Whilst similar to the trip my hubby and I took 2 years ago, it differed in that we flew into Port Elizabeth, hired cars, and then dropped off cars in Cape Town to fly back – shaving days of boring travel off the trip!!  😉

Here is a basic itinerary, and some pics & recommendations (and there’s even some jewellery stuff in here too!) 🙂

Tsitsikamma – Storms River Mouth Camp:


The gang on the suspension bridge..

I really can’t say enough nice things about this park.. Well run, great walks/hikes, restaurant on site, braai/barbecue facilities – all in all – just great.. Plus – and this is beyond awesome – we got to see some otters (cape clawless) fishing for their dinner in the bay – a rare & amazing sight! 😀


After this, we went on to Knysna (with a quick stop at the Wolf Sanctuary), where we enjoyed delicious flavoured coffees on the high street.. Then, it was on to Mossel Bay, where we stayed at definitely the nicest place on our trip – B@Home Guest House.. What a gorgeous place, with fantastic views, and Anette could not have been more helpful! After a stop off at the museum & lighthouse the next morning, she recommended we visit Jukani – a wild cat sanctuary – and what an experience it was!!



If you’re in the area – you have to stop there & take a tour.. All the animals have been rescued (many from canned hunting farms) and seeing them up close was incredible.. http://www.jukani.co.za/#

After this we drove on through some beautiful valleys to get to Hermanus, where we ate at a restaurant called Fusion.. It’s out of season there now, so very quiet – but man, the food was good! The dessert in particular – the memory of my rosewater creme brulee is making my mouth water right now! The next morning we spent some time at Hemingway’s Book Shop, which is worth the visit, then headed (via Stellenbosch) for Cape Town..

On the Friday night, I was lucky enough to be at the Fringe on Kloof for the opening of an exhibition I was taking part in – it was my first time visiting the shop, too – and it is wonderful!


Here’s some info about the exhibition on the House & Leisure website: http://www.houseandleisure.co.za/ditto-jewellery-exhibition/

And here’s a close-up on one of my pieces – a collaboration with Carla da Cruz 🙂


We then met up with more friends, then ate out at Royale on Long Street – amazing hamburgers – and a nice chilled bar upstairs to wait in until your table is ready – very necessary for 9 people!!

Otherwise – for the rest of the time – we ate (a lot), did some touristy things, saw family (it was Deon’s grandparents’ 60th Wedding Anniversary!) – oh, and went to Free Comic Book Day run by Reader’s Den. It’s the closest thing we have to a comic convention in South Africa – so yes, of course we dressed up! I was Velma from Scooby Doo, and Deon was Loki from Thor!

ImageDeon even made the cover of the Cape Argus!!

ImageA few more little recommendations for you, if you’re in the Cape: The Ice Cafe in Kalk Bay (ice cream shop on main street, with benches outside) – absolutely great! I had a Romany Cream cone – yummy! Then, the Meeting Place in Simon’s Town – had an incredible breakfast here – fresh OJ, great views, good vibe – can’t ask for more!

I was also able to get to my favourite gemstone shop whilst I was there – check out all my new beads – can’t wait to make things up!! 😀

ImageSo, that pretty much sums up my last week – a great traveling experience with friends – doing a lot, eating a LOT – and pretty much just enjoying the Cape.. From now on it’s back to work, and I’ve already been busy with a bunch of new designs – stay tuned!! Have a fantastic weekend all!! Megs xx

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Hi all! Hope everyone’s having a good week 🙂 I’m pretty busy with orders and, alas, paperwork – ack!

Just wanted to give a heads up to folks in Cape Town – I’m sending off new stock for the new Fringe Arts shop in Kloof Street (99B) – so it should hopefully be in store by the weekend.. Please tell your friends, or go check it out – Prices are good, and some of my new stuff is really cool, if I may say so myself! Here’s a peek at some of the jewellery:

And don’t my new tags just look lovely?!! 😉

In other news – I’ve been busy doing some private orders, and thought I’d share a few pics.. This first one is a custom ear cuff I did for Ilana via twitter (@MymindisAlice) – I think it turned out very prettily 🙂

Then I did some items for extended family (sister in law’s sister in law, if you must know!!) 😉 2 pendants for guys – 1 featuring a kung fu broadsword, and the other a cutout speargun.. Pretty cool for guys, I think!

I’ve also been doing some custom work via etsy – take a look at these cute airplane themed items I made up:

So, I’ve been pretty busy – now need to replenish stock on my starbright silver store, with all my geeky items – my hubby says sales are good because comic-con is coming up soon! 🙂 Maybe next year we’ll get to join you folks in San Diego – the saving starts now!!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week.. Love Megs xx

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